How to Rotate Your Tires and Why

Some people think that rotating the tires on your vehicle is not worth the hassle. It raises a good question – why should you rotate your tires? Is it worth the hassle?

Here’s the truth – if you are interested in saving money, tire rotations are definitely worth the hassle. This is because tires wear out unevenly (front tires will typically wear down faster than the rear tires). Rotating your tires means you are swapping the positions of the tires, helping to keep all four tires wearing down at an even pace, which will give you thousands of extra miles on your set of tires. This means you will spend less money on purchasing new tires. It also leads to a smoother and safer ride. Most manufacturers recommend rotating your tires every 6 – 8 thousand miles.

The easiest way is to bring your car over to Plains Tire for a tire rotation service that is quick and affordable. However,  if you’d rather do it yourself, it’s a pretty straightforward process. First, make sure you have all of the necessary equipment (e.g. wrench, jack, and jack stands) and feel confident with the process of changing a tire. Be sure to use the proper rotation pattern (shown below), which depends on whether your tires are all the same size and non-directional.

tire rotation wyoming

If you have more questions about tire rotations, or if it is time to purchase new tires, come see us at any of our nine Plains Tire locations and we’ll get you the best deal in Wyoming!